Happy birthday Sean Carpenter! Below is the Zoom recap of the episode today and it’s way better than anything I’d ever write. I guess it helps to actually listen to the episode, who knew?

Peroni and Potatoes: A Lively Conversation

Doug and Strickland had a lively conversation about beer, with a focus on Peroni, an Italian beer that Strickland initially struggled to identify due to its brightness on camera. Doug defended Peroni as a real beer, noting its alcohol content and Italian origin. They also discussed the pricing of beer, with Strickland humorously identifying Peroni as a ‘fancy beer’ due to its price. Additionally, they discussed the origins and preparation of food, specifically mashed potatoes and granola. Doug shared his realization that mashed potatoes do not come from a box but from real potatoes and expressed his appreciation for making his own granola. Strickland agreed that homemade mashed potatoes are delicious and not as time-consuming as expected. The conversation ended with some reminiscing about past meetings and plans for a potential practice run to Las Vegas.

Unexpected Departure and Thanksgiving Plans

Doug and Strickland discussed Doug’s mother’s situation with her boyfriend, who unexpectedly decided to leave, leaving Doug puzzled given his mother’s affection for him. Strickland suggested that there might be additional context Doug’s mother hadn’t shared, and they contemplated potential reasons for the boyfriend’s departure. Doug concluded that the boyfriend might have felt constrained by his lifestyle, despite Doug’s mother’s contentment with it. They also talked about a possible Thanksgiving gathering in California, but were undecided due to Doug’s mother’s uncertain attendance. Furthermore, they reminisced about past experiences in Las Vegas, with Doug recounting a previous crowded Thanksgiving visit.

RV Living, Hotel Costs, and Presidential Politics

Doug shared his experiences living in an RV, discussing the challenges and costs associated with the lifestyle. He compared the RV experience with hotel stays, with both Strickland and Doug agreeing on the cost- effectiveness of hotels. They also discussed their upcoming trip to the SEMA show in Las Vegas, where they planned to stay at the Westgate hotel due to its proximity to the convention center. Doug expressed concerns about RfK Jr.’s speaking style, which might affect his ability to support him as a presidential candidate.

Voting System: Limitations and Change

Strickland and Doug discussed the limitations of the American voting system, with topics ranging from charismatic candidates to the influence of money in politics. Strickland lamented the low voter turnout and the sway of charismatic personalities, while Doug raised concerns about the viability of an independent candidate. They also discussed the challenges of effecting change in government, particularly in the face of powerful entities like Pfizer, Blackrock, and Lockheed Martin. Both acknowledged the difficulty of initiating change when the House and Senate are not aligned with the figurehead in office. They also discussed the potential benefits of a third party, but expressed skeptic  


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