OK Funk’N Fans it doesn’t get much better than this. Trust me, I’ve listened to a lot (and I mean a LOT) of these episodes and this one may be in the top 5 right up there with the infamous National Parks episode. You get Doug and Strickland of course, rambling about whatever and looking up the definition of “Non-Sequitur” (I’m surprised their picture doesn’t appear next to it in the dictionary) but they actually touch on a lot of different interesting things today. Nothing business-related, of course, but other kinda fun personal things, Strickland teases some big-ass secret he’s going to reveal on next week’s show (teaser alert!!) and Doug reinforces that he’s pussy-whipped by running off at exactly the time he says he needs to run off, but between you and me, that’s where it starts to get really interesting. 

Yes, it’s a long episode and you know I don’t say this often but, it’s worth sticking around for. Well, as long as you like the fuckery. If you’re more into the interviews and you sometimes enjoy a little of the fuckery then you should drop out after like 10 minutes cause this episode is not for you; but if you’re all about the fuckery and the stupidness, this episode has all that and more. At this point you may be wondering why these notes are going so long. Well, these fuckers (Doug and Strickland) have started to monitor me and make sure I at least listen to the whole episode or they don’t pay me for writing the notes. Do you believe that shit? They’re actually making me work for my money! Thank God they haven’t actually started READING the notes or I’d be screwed, I could never write shit like this if they were actually checking it over before publication. But that’s one advantage of the fact that they record these the night before they publish- No time to check the notes. Anyway, these are long cause I’ve been forced to actually listen to the whole episode, so I might as well write SOMETHING while I’m waiting. And again, I gotta say that this episode is actually pretty good. Doug and Strick are their normal stupid selves and then when Jennie Bellinger jumps in it kinda takes on a very different vibe. Like, imagine that there was some sexual tension between Doug and Strickland, it’s kinda like that. Na, never mind, that’s kind of a weird comparison, forget I said that. let’s just say that I definitely wonder what has happened between Strickland and Jennie Bellinger in the past or what may happen in the future with them…But that’s all I’m saying. And Jennie and her boyfriend are going to a resort in Mexico with Strickland and the girl he’s seeing? That sounds a bit suspicious, right? Ah fuck it, who really cares if everyone is a consensual adult and having fun right? Who are we to judge. I’d love to at least hear the stories. But I guess this isn’t that kind of podcast…


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