Some users last week reported issues hearing our interview with Laura Licursi (#114), and our efforts to replace the file did not correct the issue for everyone, so this is a re-issue of that podcast.


Laura Licursi is the founder and CEO of Elite Virtual Assistants, hear all about how she built her V.A. business on The Nice Guys today. 

Laura has seen it all, and so have her Virtual Assistants. Busy professionals from all over the world contact her for help, and you can too. Here’s a few things we learned today:

-Laura has been doing this for 18 years and has dozens of VA’s working for her.

-Customers often say to her “I don’t know what I need help with, but I know I need help”

-She’s recently partnered with a scheduling services firm to offer a wider range of services and have access to a greater base of assistants in the US

-With Elite Virtual Assistants you have the option of doing a skype or phone interview with several assistants to see who you think would be the best fit for you and your company.

-In the future, she plans on adding more services including live receptionists and promotional marketing services that I feel will help us stand apart from the rest.


Here are just a few things that you can hire a Virtual Assistant to do:

Internet research

Travel Planning

Event Planning

Calendar Management

Social Media Management

Finding sales leads

E-Mail Management

Marketing design work for both digital and print advertising.


Find out more about Elite Virtual Assistants:

(440) 973-7005


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