OK, you knew it had to happen sooner or later, and at episode 1137 I think we can all agree this would be defined as “later.” Yes, it’s time for a “Very special episode” of the Nice Guys Fuckery. They’ve invited Chris Tyre, former lead singer of Strickland’s old wedding band Black Tie to be on today’s show to continue the conversation about race issues. To be fair, Doug and Strickland being a couple of middle-aged white guys, have no right to talk about race relations but Chris grew up black (and still is, obviously) in Virginia, is married to a white South African woman, and has 2 teenage children so he kind of has a better perspective on this subject.

If you’re looking for fuckery, Steve O’Brien’s intros are new and the very beginning of the ep is fairly light, but it gets serious pretty quick and stays there for the next hour or so. I’m not saying it’s a bad ep, I learned a few things myself, but definitely not your typical Friday Fuckery. 


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