There are 4 core values that motivate people and you may be focusing on the wrong one. Find out what motivates you and your employees on the podcast today.


Rick Whitted has seen business from both sides, as an employee and an entrepreneur, and has written an amazing book on how to be happy at work and how to keep your employees happy.


Have you ever asked these questions:

-How do I motivate my employees?

-Why can’t I keep, or find top talent?

-They seemed so perfect during the interview. What did I miss?

-How do I build an engaged workplace?


Here’s what we learned from Rick today:


In a new job, within 18-36 months employees will start to feel unappreciated.


There are 4 core values that motivate people:



Personal security

Personal Satisfaction


What’s your core value and the core values of your employees? If you don’t know, you may be focusing on the wrong things. Take the free assessment at


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