Iman Aghay is a serial entrepreneur, International Best-selling author, and World Class speaker.

He is a TEDx speaker, and has spoken on the stage over 400 times in the past few years.

Iman arrived in Vancouver in 2009 with limited knowledge of English, no network, and no job. After studying some of the most successful businesses in the world, he created a marketing system that combined the most effective online and in-person strategies.  

By 2010 he had founded Success Road Academy, which has become one of the largest Information Marketing Training Centers in the world. Iman has worked with over 15,000 business owners in his seminars, events, webinars, group coaching, and one on one coaching sessions. He has also founded Entrepreneurs International Network, which is a group of business networks in 5 countries with over 120,000 members. He has taught his system and helped thousands of people to build successful businesses for themselves.


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