A good email marketing strategy helps initiate conversations with consumers and informs them about your company. That is easier said than done, though, as many emails end up unread in the receiver’s inbox. If that keeps happening to your emails, you need to identify why in order to make changes for the better. Here are some common reasons why your email marketing strategy isn’t working.   

No Images or Videos 

Text is a big part of an email, but that doesn’t mean that’s all that should be in it. To engage a reader, you should include an image or video, especially if advertising a new product. If you are a car dealership, you can use SnapCell to create an informative and high-quality video that tells your email list more about the car than words ever could. 

No Call-to-Actions 

Call-to-actions tell a reader what to do next. Without them, your emails may end up read but quickly forgotten. Some examples are ‘get started,’ ‘learn more,’ and ‘subscribe.’ By telling your reader what to do next, you drive more results from your emails.  

A Badly Built Email List 

Your emails might be excellently written and formatted, but if they get delivered to the wrong people, it won’t make a difference either way. Work on building an email list full of genuinely interested consumers who have previously engaged with your company. 

You Don’t Know Who You’re Targeting 

When sending an email, you must know who your target is, from their age range to their professional life. By knowing this, your emails will be more targeted toward who is on the receiving end, ensuring they read until the end. 

Your Emails are Going to the Junk Box 

One of the biggest reasons an email marketing strategy isn’t working is that your emails keep getting sent to junk boxes. It’s frustrating, especially after you have spent time curating the perfect email to send out. To prevent this from happening, you must learn the spam filters and avoid using them as much as possible. 

A Poor Subject Line 

The subject line is the first sentence/phrase the person will read, making it crucial to ensure it’s snappy and engaging. Otherwise, you will lose attention before the email is even opened. 

The Emails Aren’t Personal Enough 

If an email looks like it was delivered to a thousand people, it likely won’t be read. An impersonal email reads like many others in a person’s inbox, and you want to avoid that. By using the person’s name, delivering an email on their birthday, or targeting their specific wants, you’ll find your emails have a much bigger impact. 

Of course, it’s not easy to personalize emails if you have an enormous email list. To do it, you should create segmented email lists that separate your readers appropriately. 

Understanding what to avoid in an email marketing strategy is critical to ensuring people read them. Once you know what not to do, you can create engaging, informative emails that drive more interest in your company.