If you’re a business that sells goods, you’re selling online. This is a given, especially since the global coronavirus pandemic pushed most consumers to spend cash online instead of in-store. But, in pushing stores to sell online, the current climate for small businesses running an eCommerce store is one of high competition. You need to get ahead, to get noticed, but there are simply too many shops out there for consumers to choose from. This is where effective marketing comes in – and this guide will show you how it’s done. 

Social Media

One of how you’ll undercut your competition, getting close to the consumers you care about the most, is by using social media as your way into people’s lives. If you’re a local business that has had to close its doors to the public for weeks or months on end, this is how you’ll keep chatting to your regular customers. If you operate several different stores, this is where your brand will speak to the people who have traded with you before. 

Build these strong relationships from the grassroots by investing time in the social media presence of your firm. If you’re able to retain a high percentage of the customers who shop with you for the first time, you’ll be able to create a large and reliable customer base over time. 

The Back End

Finally, there’s plenty that can be done in the back end of your eCommerce store to help it grow and attract more customers. To those without coding experience, this is just a foreign language. But to expert Shopify developers, this is their bread and butter – this is what they’re used to providing for customers each week. 

Some changes that can be made in the back end include labelling – to help algorithms and search engines flag your goods to consumers – and SEO, which will show your products to more consumers. Both of these changes involve technical skill and marketing knowhow, which is why it’s recommended that you use the services of a firm that’s an expert in both. 

Using Digital Marketing

This is more technical. Any person with a few of years of social media experience – including on a personal level – can get going with a social media marketing strategy. But to build out a fully-formed digital marketing strategy is difficult, and takes a good deal of preparations, knowledge, and skill. If this is something that you are willing to invest in, though, it can promise you huge returns.

Unless you happen to have a fully formed digital marketing arm already, it’s recommended that you go with an agency to run your campaign. Your store needs a specific type of marketing, which will help it finish high up in online shopping search results. Trust the agency you work with to build your visibility and increase your trade. 

Make the most of your eCommerce store, and attract more traffic and sales to your website, by using these three main arms of your digital marketing drive today.