Every discipline has its acronyms and field names for items that are important to it. For example, marketing has many buzz words, like quiet quitting. Technology is a rapidly growing arena, and the list of technical terms is also proliferating. While it would be impossible to provide all the terms geeks use, we have chosen a few to whet your appetite. 

Growth Hacking

Growth hacking is increasing a business’s bottom line by a specific approach. This technique involves merging the development of products (R&D) with analytics through which it utilizes technology in unique ways. This technology refers to apps, marketing emails, websites, etc. These technologies cost far less than traditional media offerings like television ads.

Data Mining

Data mining means to work through enormous amounts of data, or information, found in the websites and databases belonging to users. The data of interest that this practice gleans is anything that will provide clues on how to market a product or service to individuals or groups. They look at who you relate to, your online behavior, and the patterns that are revealed.


No doubt, you are wondering, what is jitter, and do I have it? It sounds like a flu symptom, but don’t worry, it’s not, and nor is it a very tricky concept. It results from network congestion. In some instances, the problem lies with route changes. 

Data packets are sent via the internet and sometimes take a while to arrive. This has a negative effect on audio quality. It can be the cause of much frustration when trying to watch a video or partake in a conference call. 

A time delay of roughly thirty milliseconds is cutting it fine for viewing videos. Below this timespan you should not have any effect on your enjoyment. When the jitter is too high, packets can even get lost and the quality is poor. Experiencing a one percent or higher loss of packets is problematic. The network latency must not exceed 150ms in any direction. 

Site Optimization

Site optimization focuses on converting website visitors to leads or new customers. This is an example of growth hacking. Consumers evaluate two website versions (or email, app, etc.). The one with the best response is selected. The exact differences can be elements such as by how much sales increased, or the number of page views. The consumer is not aware of the evaluation that they are performing. This is the A/B method, another buzz word.

Pixels per Inch (PPI)

Pixels per inch (PPI) can also be called density. It describes the number of tiny light dots (called pixels) that appear in an image, such as on a television screen. A higher PPI means more clarity.

What you may also have found curious is how interdisciplinarian technology is and the wide number of subjects it covers, such as marketing, IT, graphic design, social media, etc. But in reality, it is not that amazing. Technology has been embraced by disciplines across the board. This seems like a good time to get a complete dictionary of technological buzz words.