When it comes to efficient waste disposal, most people feel as if they have better things to concentrate on than decide how best to tackle it – especially busy entrepreneurs juggling multiple responsibilities. However, waste disposal can easily be done efficiently, saving your company cash in the long-term. 

Entrepreneurs need to be aware of the type of waste their business is producing and the costs involved. Many people know what a trash compactor is, but balers, on the other hand, are much less well known. 

Here is a concise guide on whether a baler is suitable for your business – and why.

What is a Baler?

A baler is a waste disposal mechanism that enables companies and individuals to process their recyclable waste with ease. Simply place cans, paper, cardboard or plastic into the machine and it will process your recyclable waste into tidy ‘bales’ which can be stacked in stock cupboards or outdoors ready for collection. 

A wide variety of companies utilize recycling balers because they save employees time and labor in compressing recyclable waste automatically, leaving staff free to focus on customer satisfaction. 

Types of Baler

There are a wide variety of balers on the market – each of which comes with different benefits. Types of balers include: 

  • Horizontal balers, which crush your trash and recycling in a side-to-side movement, thus taking up some horizontal space in your warehouse.
  • Vertical balers, which crush in the up-down mechanism that is best for warehouses that have little horizontal space to spare. 
  • Two-ram balers, which are ideal for heavy compressions of industrial quantities of waste.
  • Multi-task balers, which can recycle all kinds of materials fed into the mechanism. 

It is best to consider your needs when you are deciding which style of baler will suit your business – and you can do so by taking a careful look online for the best type to suit you.

What Type of Business Do You Own?

Whether your business will benefit from a trash compactor or a baler is dependent on the type of waste that you are producing. There are certain companies which benefit from balers, while other types require trash compactors instead. 

It is important that you audit the type of waste that your company produces so that you do not invest in a machine that will rarely be used. 

Here are some of the companies that benefit from purchasing a baler: 

  • Magazine companies benefit from balers because they produce a lot of paper
  • Offices which produce a lot of cardboard and paper waste
  • Customer service industries especially the culinary sector 
  • Superstores and drug stores often receive their stock in cardboard boxes

Depending on the type of business you own, your baler needs will vary; some businesses won’t require one at all.

Environmental Concerns

Many companies are choosing to purchase a baler for environmental reasons. Recycling is a task that prominent businesses are deciding to take seriously and buying a baler is part of a proactive approach to reducing a company’s carbon footprint. Environmental concerns are extremely serious and many customers are choosing which company to buy from depending on their stance on sustainability – this provides your company with a good reason to recycle more. 

Whether you decide on investing in a trash compactor or a baler, it is best to make an informed decision, based on the requirements of your company.