Data is everywhere. It dominates news coverage and is likely to be one of the most profitable commodities around. Often described as the new oil, due both to the way it seems to proliferate at exponential speed and the vast amount of wealth that can be found from harnessing it properly, data science is only likely to rise in relevance over the next few years. 

Get Ahead 

If you want to get ahead in the information era, perhaps it’s worth studying for a data science degree. There are plenty of institutions that offer the opportunity to get a bachelor’s in the field. For example, a Bachelor of Science in Data Science Marian University allows you to get a broad and deep understanding of the subject, covering computer programming, data visualization, mathematical statistics, business, database management and social psychology. 

If the idea of pursuing a degree in data science appeals to you, then we say simply go for it! Here are four key reasons why: 

High Salaries 

The average salary for someone working as a data scientist is incredibly high. According to Payscale, the median salary is a handsome $96,000. Even if you are in the lowest 10%, you will still make around $67,000, meaning that you can still live comfortably in expensive cities such as San Francisco and New York. It’s worth pointing out that this doesn’t include favourable insurance benefits at big firms and additional possibilities for bonuses and profit sharing! 

Diverse Career Opportunities 

Just because you studied data science, this doesn’t mean that you have to be a pure data scientist. There are a wide variety of careers that data scientists can go into. These include: 

  • Machine Learning Engineers and Scientists
  • Applications, Enterprise and Data Architects 
  • Data Engineers 
  • Business Intelligence Developers 
  • Data Analysts 
  • Statisticians 

This only scratches the surface, as the different modules learned in data science — which are far reaching — can be applied to a huge variety of other careers. 

Working Abroad

A highly favourable part of a data science degree is the ability to have far more generous visa possibilities. People with degrees in STEM subjects are favoured in countries such as the UK and Canada, as well as across the EU. This means that not only does a data science degree give you greater access to the job market, it can also open up personal opportunities to live and work abroad far more easily than anyone else. 

A Better Understanding of Today’s World

The amount of data out there in the world is simply staggering. According to Statista, it amounts to a mind-boggling 59 zettabytes worldwide. When you consider that this was a mere 2 zettabytes just ten years ago, the number is only likely to stretch bigger and bigger over the upcoming years. We need people to understand it, as it tackles everything from personal preferences to election results to consumer culture; unlocking many keys into the future of the world. In fact, the argument could be made that there simply isn’t a more important degree out there. Data is the future: go out and shape it!