Every construction company needs access to material-handling equipment including forklifts, trucks, lifts, and loaders. However, not all businesses have the financial capacity to buy, store, and maintain them, which is why many choose to rent equipment instead. There are countless reasons why renting material handling equipment is more beneficial than buying it, and we’re going to cover them below. 

Avoid Ongoing Costs

Companies that own their equipment have maintenance teams that are committed to keeping machinery in good working order. However, this involves paying out hiring costs and making sure the necessary parts are well-stocked. Whereas, if a business chooses to rent, they don’t need to deal with maintenance because the supplier takes care of it. 

Avoid Commitment

Buying new machinery costs a fortune, and parting with so much cash can be anxiety-inducing for many businesses. Additionally, to get value out of the purchase, a new piece of machinery needs to be used every single day. There is also paperwork to keep track of including service logs, warranties, financial documentation, and contracts. 

If a business chooses to hire equipment from a local supplier, like this Kansas City forklift rental company, they don’t have to commit to anything (apart from the initial contract period). In some cases, rented equipment can be scaled to suit project timelines, meaning you’re never paying for equipment you don’t need. 

Mitigate Storage Costs

When a business purchases material handling equipment, it must have appropriate storage facilities for the short and long term. However, storage space is expensive, and many businesses don’t have the funds. 

When you choose to rent equipment, there’s no need to worry about the logistics of transporting or storing the vehicle, as the provider will drop it off and pick it up. Having equipment dropped off on-location saves a significant amount of time across the entire project 

Guarantees Compliance

Every state has different regulations on air quality and emission standards, and breaching them comes with an enormous fine and public humiliation. This means that any purchased equipment must be compliant at all times, which is enormous pressure to put on your maintenance team. However, if you rent equipment, you don’t need to be concerned about compliance because the responsibility lies with the provider. 

Improves Competitive Powers

Every business strives to beat competitors, but that isn’t always possible when they have access to the best equipment. Fortunately, when renting material handling equipment, accessing the latest gear becomes much easier. This is great news when it comes to assuring prospective clients that your fleet is compliant and of a high standard. 

Have a Preview

Eventually, buying equipment might be more optimal for your business, but it’s still an enormous commitment to make. Fortunately, renting allows the opportunity to preview machinery without making any serious choices or parting with enormous chunks of cash.

There are countless reasons renting material handling equipment is more beneficial than buying, as you’ve now discovered. Say goodbye to ongoing costs and commitment, and simply use and pay for the equipment as you need it.