I had the privilege of sitting down with Scott Sambucci from SalesQualia on his Startup Selling Podcast. The podcast is titled “How Kindness Wins You Customers”. 

Here’s a highlight of the topics that we covered on the podcast: 

● My Book: Nice Guys Finish First 

● How does being a nice person help you with sales? 

● The importance of putting people over products whenever you’re selling. 

● The importance of putting your clients over technology. 

● Accepting the reality of the numbers when you’re selling and getting rid of the “Head-trash”. 

● The core tenants for making you a nice guy. 

● Focusing on your customers and being honest with them. 

You can listen to the full podcast on the SalesQualia website. 

You can also follow The Startup Selling Podcast on iTunes where you can find the episode, 

along with a lot of other episodes that offer great sales advice. 

Check it out and let me know what you learned and what kind of questions it brought up for you 

so we can start our own discussion!