Business travel can be a perk for some and a hindrance for others. One thing is for sure, it only takes one stressful trip, and traveling anywhere for work can quickly become something you dread. 

Whether you have just landed an exciting new job that is going to see you flying regularly or you are already a seasoned traveler, flying can be a stressful endeavor if it isn’t properly planned. It is always worth looking for ways to streamline the process, so you arrive at the other end in one piece.  

Here are some simple tricks to get your travels off on the right foot.

Stick to One Airline 

Even if other airlines may have a cheaper flight available on occasions, it is always best to only fly through one airline so you can build up the perks that come with customer loyalty, such as premium status and air miles. 

Book Your Parking in Advance

Many people do not think about this crucial step of their travel plans, but having your parking booked up in advance can save you some very unnecessary stress at the start of your journey.  Companies like include transportation to and from the airport, and you can handle all payments in advance. 

Get to the Airport Early 

Avoid unnecessary stress and ques by giving yourself plenty of time. It is much better to have some extra time to get yourself a coffee and get on with some work on your laptop than it is to be rushing to catch your flight.

Dress for Security 

When getting ready on the morning of your flight, consider avoiding wearing metal, including belts, chains, and loose change in your pocket, so you can go through security without effort. Even better, apply to become a Transportation Security Administration (trusted traveler). This can be done online, and with a few checks, you can eradicate the need to remove shoes, laptops, belts, jackets, or liquids when passing through security. This will be a time saver in the long run.

Stick to a Carry On

Avoid the time and expense of placing luggage in the hold by sticking to a carry-on bag. The use of a compression pack can really make the most of the space you have available, but should you still need extra room, consider shipping anything additional before you travel so it is there when you arrive. This will often work out at a better cost.

Ensure Devices Are Fully Charged

Have all your gadgets, including tablets, laptops, and phones charged to full capacity before you fly and invest in a good quality battery pack so you can top things up as you go. It is advisable to check whether you will need an adaptor for your plugs at your destination.

Have Toiletries Pre-Packed

If you regularly fly, having separate travel toiletries already packed will eliminate the need for you to raid your bathroom cabinet each time, make packing quicker, and ensure that all your liquids are the correct size.