Kids these days are quite different from how they used to be a few decades ago, as smartphones, video game consoles and the internet are now regular parts of their daily lives from an early age. That being said, most kids still love a good birthday party, but it has to have the right theme. Keeping that in mind, today we are going to discuss a few tips for planning children’s birthday parties that might just help you become the top kid’s birthday event planner in your area.

Talk to the Birthday Boy/Girl

Communication is something that the average birthday party planners for children will often miss out on. They believe that talking to the parents is enough, while in reality, that would be a mistake. Don’t believe that only because children are young, they will like whatever you plan.

It’s true that their parents will of course be paying the bills and having the final say in it, but it’s the child who decides whether you will get a call for their next birthday party or not! In other words, the child is the customer here, and if you are not listening to the customer, that’s a bad business strategy.

Talk to the birthday boy/girl for a while and find out what they like, even if it isn’t seemingly related to the party. Once you have a budget from the parents and a decent idea regarding what the child likes or dislikes, plan a party that keeps both aspects in mind. Coulrophobia is a very real and surprisingly common fear, aggravated further by countless horror stories, movies, etc. related to clowns. See if your birthday performer cannot dress up like a dragon or a dinosaur instead.

When in Doubt, Go with a Pool Party in Summer

The Florida heat is infamous, which is why pool parties are always going to be a hit in this part of the States. Keep the child’s likes and dislikes in mind while selecting the swim rings, floating toys and water slide rentals for the party. For example, if you are planning the pool party for someone who likes dinosaurs, get water slide rentals like the classic T-Rex slide and a bunch of dinosaur swim rings to incorporate the theme, without overshooting the budget.

Treat the Event Professionally

Be a professional and handle all aspects of arranging and managing children’s birthday parties, just like you would if it was a corporate event, the basics of which could be outlined as below:

  • Confirm each party’s date, time and the guest list with the parents
  • Remind parents that children will most likely be accompanied by a parent or both
  • Book your venues, performers, furniture rentals, water slide rentals, swim rings, lights, balloons, flowers, catering service, food, cakes, etc. in advance
  • If the budget seems inappropriate for what the parents are looking for, be clear about it and negotiate

Children are more complex than we give them credit for, but if you make that effort, planning one of the happiest days of their young lives can be quite a rewarding experience. Just be clear about budgeting because inexperienced event planners do often end up losing money after a party, rather than earning any.