Starting up a new business can take a huge amount of confidence. Not only does it take the conviction to believe in your idea, but also to present it to the world as something you have confidence in.  In order to market your own business successfully, you will need to have the tools and business plan in place to truly make it fly. This requires a bit of foresight, research and planning.

Get a website

If your business premises are a physical representation of your company, then your website should be your virtual storefront. A good website will market your business in part by being well-designed and presented. It is also a good platform to utilise techniques such as SEO, or search engine optimisation. This technique uses relevant keywords related to your business and its industry. By also including informative content on your website, such as blogs, you can attract visitors who may have otherwise never gravitated towards your company.

Go on social media

Social media is a brilliant online marketing tool, and more importantly – it’s free. However, there is a knack to creating an excellent social media page: just like a website, it has to be aesthetically pleasing, and you will need to post regularly. Engaging with local communities and creating posts with a call to action at the end of them will encourage potential customers and visitors to engage.

Formulate a business plan

A business plan is simply a way of structuring where you want your business to go. It enables you to tailor finance aspects with promotional goals and work out how you will fund your marketing campaign. You can also use your business goals to decide how to navigate your marketing strategy. Part of your business plan may involve financing your start-up costs. Whether you need loans for poor credit or maybe a credit card to cover the initial start-up costs is up to you.

Research and plan

In order to inform not just your marketing strategy, but also your business plan, you should be researching who your key audience is. Using email marketing and research to find out who is the most likely to migrate to your business will give you the tools to market effectively. It should not only inform the tone of voice you post in on your website and social media, but also aesthetically how you look. Holding team marketing meetings to discuss this and how best to utilise your research will help to make your strategy more comprehensive.

What informs your marketing strategy for your business should also feed into your overall business plan. Before you make large, or even small, investments for your company, you will need to make sure that you have the research to prove you are making the right decision. Having the statistical backing to show that you aren’t just throwing money to the wind will be to reassure both you and everyone in the company that financial growth is possible.