Many of our customers here at Mr. Tree call us up for residential tree care, tree removal, or tree disease diagnosis and treatment. However, we engage in many other aspects of tree care, including commercial services.

Commercial tree services might include removal, logging, demolition, and excavation. However, one of our most popular commercial services is lot clearing.

When someone calls us up to request commercial lot clearing, we ask a variety of questions to first understand the scope of the project. We will take on both small lots, as well as large industrial projects, so it’s important to understand the details before we get into the weeds.

To understand the project at hand and provide a potential customer with a cost estimate, we need to know:

• What size area is being cleared?
• What needs to be cleared?
• Do you already have the proper permits?
• Can we easily access the land with the proper equipment?
• Do you require grading services as well?
• Does something need to be demolished first?

Once we have full knowledge about the lot-clearing request, we can move forward with a quote and engage in the work.

But, why would someone come to us with this type of request? Here are four common reasons a customer asks for lot clearing services.

1. You Want to Build on Newly Acquired Land

Most often, a developer will put in a bid to purchase a plot of land in either an urban or rural setting and once the deal goes through, the lot needs to be cleared before any further progress can be made.

The land might have been previously undeveloped, shrouded in trees, bushes, and weeds. Or, another building might have stood on the land and was recently demolished. Once the clutter is cleared away, the site itself still needs to be cleared of any previous landscaping before any future building can be erected in its place.

In this instance, we will often enter into a contract with the newest landowner. We will perform the requested work and leave the plot as a blank slate. The owner can then make arrangements for the next phase of their project.
2. You Want to Level Trees to Expand Your Business

Sometimes, landowners sell segments of their land off or even lease the land. But once a commercial company builds their headquarters, they realize that they need even more space a few years down the road. At that time, they will likely do one of three things if there is available space nearby:
• If they own an adjacent plot, they’ll decide to expand laterally.
• They put in a bid to purchase the adjacent lot.
• They make a request to the actual landowners to lease more land.

If they are able to secure permissions to level the lot next door, they will then contact us for lot clearing services. Once the lot is cleared, they can then use the space as desired; new building, parking lot, recreational area, etc.

This move will allow the company to remain at their current location while growing exponentially as needed.

3. You Want to Sell or Lease Your Land

If you are the proud owner of a parcel of land, especially in a growing urban region, you likely don’t want to just let it sit untouched. At some point, you will want to either sell or lease your plot of land.

While your land is worth money, if it sits idyll, you will not be able to create that passive income you’ve been dreaming about. However, it’s less attractive to potential commercial buyers if there is practically a forest growing where they want to build.

To make the sale or lease more attractive, a simple step you can take is to hire Mr. Tree for our lot clearing services. Even if you just present a plot of dirt, this offers more potential to those interested in your offer, especially because they will be hemorrhaging less money before the land is developed since that’s one less step they’ll have to take.

Yes, it is an added cost to you, but if it speeds up the sale or entices more lease interest, then isn’t it worth the investment?. We sure think so, and our past clients do, too.

4. You Want to Attract Customers

On occasion, your commercial business might be doing well, but definitely has more potential. If only it weren’t so close to the unsightly plot of land next door . . . that you own.

If you are a home builder, for example, residents will be more attracted to your community if the neighboring acreage that they’ll have to see every day is aesthetically pleasing, or at least not an eyesore. By opting for lot clearing services and turning that ratty, run-down parcel into at least a clear plot, you’ll attract more interest.

Similarly, if customers driving to your local strip mall of shops has to pass the eyesore that is the unattended lot you own, they may be less interested in visiting your location, opting to visit shops down the road instead. This, in turn, could lead to vacancies since other business owners won’t want to lease where customers aren’t abound.

Even if you have no current plans to develop the land you own, sometimes lot clearing is still in your best interest and could help you recoup funds in unexpected ways. Similarly, if your lot becomes a hazardous area, you could be responsible for any injuries that take place. So save yourself the hassle and gain peace of mind by just clearing that lot.

At Mr. Tree, we clear lots of all sizes, so no matter how large or small your project, contact us to gain more insight and really understand what you’re gaining when you engage in this type of contract.

Ready to learn more? We’re glad to help you take that next step.