Getting customers into your bricks and mortar business can be challenging. Not only will you need to secure the best location, but you could be competing with various nearby competitors and will need to create an attractive premises.

To encourage customers to choose your brand over a local rival, read these top tips on how to increase foot traffic to your business.

Install High-Quality Signs

Make your business stand out from the crowd by investing in a high-quality sign, which should grab people’s attention and encourage them to come inside. 

For example, if you want passersby to request a table at your restaurant or to explore your products at your retail store, you should invest in the highest quality illuminated signs. It can project a professional, trustworthy image and could separate your business from the many restaurants, stores and bars on a busy street.

State Your Business is Open

If your door is closed and your premises appears dark, a passerby might assume you aren’t ready for customers. If this isn’t the case, you must highlight you are open for business. 

For example, you should:

  • Keep the door open
  • Turn on the lights
  • Hang an “Open” sign
  • Play music

It could prevent your business from missing out on a sale and a potential life-long customer.

Tell Your Customers Where to Park

While a customer might be intrigued by your storefront, they might drive on by if it offers no visible parking. 

To encourage people to come inside, you should hang a sign in your front window stating where they can park, such as “Free Parking at the Rear”. If they know they will not need to search endlessly to park their vehicle, they’ll be more likely to visit your store or restaurant.

Host an In-Store Event

To attract many new customers to your business, you should consider hosting an in-store event that will encourage queues to form down the block. For example, you could organize:

  • A fashion show
  • Art exhibition
  • Book signing
  • Live music event
  • Author reading

The event could increase your company’s brand recognition, media exposure, online following and in-store sales.

Update Your Windows with Creative Displays

If you want to attract a crowd, you should develop creative window displays that will stop people in their tracks as they walk down the street. For example, you should update your windows every few weeks with an attractive display that highlights your products and makes people want to come inside. 

Macy’s has proved it is an effective tactic for increasing footfall into their business, with people traveling far and wide to catch a glimpse of their festive window displays each Christmas.

Cross-Promote with Other Businesses

Drive footfall into your premises by cross-promoting with other local companies. For example, you could provide a discount on a product or service if a customer dines at a nearby restaurant or visits a local attraction, as long as they show their receipt or ticket to a cashier. 

It could lead to greater foot traffic and a bigger annual revenue.