Selling products online either via your business website or other online retailers takes more than just uploading a picture and basic description. There are certain tactics to use when it comes to making sure your product lists are optimized to get the best results, and this is what will be explored in this article. If you’re a seller who has chosen to use Amazon as a place to promote and sell your products, here are some ways you can make sure your items are being seen and make those sales. 

Customer Service

One way to optimize your product listings on Amazon is to do with your customer service skills. Positive reviews on your products will help them rise higher in the product pages, and to get them, you will need to keep your customers satisfied. You can use an Amazon virtual assistant to help you manage customer relations, amongst other things, and this will help to streamline your workload as well. You should also be quick to answer any customer queries that are left on your product page and be ready to provide customers with further information on your products, pricing and shipping, and anything else they might want to know. 


A basic SEO strategy, it’s important to carefully select and place keywords in your product descriptions. When uploading a product to an online retailer such as Amazon, you will be asked to give a list of keywords to tie in with it. These will make your product appear in search results pages whenever a customer types one or more of these words into the search bar on the site. Don’t link your product to random or irrelevant keywords, though, as this could lead to problems for you later on. Be creative, but make sure they make sense in context to what you’re selling. For example, if you’re selling a children’s storybook about animals, select words such as Literature, Children, Animals, Nature, Fiction. These would all be acceptable. 

Product Descriptions

You can (and should) link your keywords to your product descriptions, but this is an opportunity to give customers more detail about what you’re selling. All product descriptions should provide as much detail as possible, but it’s also important to keep it concise. Highlight the key features/selling points in your description, keep the language simple and appropriate for your target audience.


Once you have written a good product description that will work for SEO, you will then need to upload quality images of your products, too. These images should make your product look good, but make sure they don’t ‘oversell’ it. Often, people who shop online have been disappointed when their item arrives as it looks nothing like the photo when they purchased it from Amazon or another online retailer. To avoid getting a bad reputation because of this, find the balance between making your products look good and making them look completely different. 

If you want to optimize your product lists to increase your sales on Amazon, start with the points above to see the best results.