It can be frustrating knowing that your business has amazing products only to see a small portion of people engage with them. It can be even more annoying seeing that your competitors – who may have inferior products – crush you with their online sales. 

The truth about e-commerce is that the quality of your products does not completely dictate the success of your store. Instead, there are other important factors that digital merchants need to be aware of to help them build the most attractive store they can and entice a bigger audience. 

These factors are easy to implement and can improve your store’s traffic massively if done correctly. We’ve put together some of the most effective tips that will help you attract more customers to your online store. 

Overhaul Your Website 

Your products may be good, but there is a possibility that your store may not be displaying them in the best light. Things like design, fonts, color scheme and content can influence a customer’s decision to make a purchase or not. You want to make sure all the design elements are both attractive but also fit your niche while looking professional. 

One of the best and probably most effective ways to improve your e-commerce site is to get support from places such as These agency experts can guide you through building a superb website while also offering tracking and monitoring services so that you can analyze your traffic to see where it is coming from as well as visitor demographics so that you can create more informed marketing campaigns. 

Hold a Sale

The quickest way to attract more customers to your e-commerce website is to give them an incentive to choose your products over those by similar competitors. One of the top ways to do this is to hold a sale, which can be particularly good in attracting new customers to your site. 

Do not undervalue your products when holding a sale though. The discounted price should still be high enough to turn a profit through each acquisition. 

A sale is not going to be a good long-term strategy but can definitely be good to give your store a boost from time to time. To help keep these new deal hunters around, add them to your email marketing campaigns so that you target them with deals and rewards in the future.

Run a Competition 

Competitions are a great way to create some buzz within your community and also attract new customers, which can really help grow your audience reach and engagement. 

Competitions can be done in two ways: you can run a classic social media competition where people need to comment, share and like a post (basically all the engagement metrics) to be entered to win a special prize, or you can run a competition where you call for your audience to send something in, such as a drawing competition. Either of these approaches can drastically boost your interaction and engagement, however, do make sure the competitions are related to your product. You do not want to run a ‘cute dog selfie’ competition when your store has nothing to do with animals or pets.