With months of disruption behind us and months of economic turmoil likely on the horizon, now is the time to invest in getting sales and new customers loyal to your business. Now is the time, that is to say, for marketing. When you market your products well, you’ll not only draw more visitors to your website and sell more products – you’ll build brand recognition, which will build trust, professionalism, and repeat custom around your brand. It’ll also encourage word of mouth advertising, which is, of course, free. Here are some tips on marketing in your post-COVID recovery. 

Start Small

If you’re struggling for cash as a business after the ravages of the lockdown, you’re not alone. You may be fearful of investing too high a figure in marketing – anxious that you might need to save rather than spend in the months ahead. But now is the perfect time to reacquaint consumers with your business – even if you start small, you should get marketing again. The essential tip here is to broach the cheap or free advertising methods first. Use your social media, fire up your email marketing, and gently prod consumers back to your site after lockdown.

Paid Adverts

A simple, quick, and easy way to attract more people to your website, where they may well make a purchase from you, is through paid adverts. Now, there are several kinds of advertisement companies on the internet, all of which offer different deals and target different audiences. It’s recommended that you go with a pay per click (PPC) advertiser to capitalize on every single click-through to your website. Get in touch with a PPC marketing agency Made by Factory to help you get to grips with this cost-effective advertising method online in the latter half of 2020.

Be Contextual

The COVID disaster across the world hasn’t been without its business opportunities. Those businesses that realized how consumers were feeling, and connected to that weight of feeling, have found that their businesses have actually performed better during lockdown than out of it. Consider that consumer is now:

  • Looking to spend their money once more after a period of saving up
  • Lonely and looking for connection and meaningful interactions
  • Looking to support their local businesses to keep their community together
  • Looking to boost the national economy to stave off depression 

If you can tap into one or more of these trends, you’ll be able to tap into something that’s happening in the heads of thousands of consumers in your area.

Sell Sell Sell

If you’re in any doubt about how your post-COVID recovery should look, this is the advice. You’re selling, and you’re reducing prices. Give consumers something to celebrate, and clear out all of your old stock in extra-quick time. Make a coupon sale, a deal, or a voucher for all existing customers, and make sure that you’re offering competitive pricing on all of your products. Banish the lockdown blues with your very own sale at your online store – advertised, of course, across your channels. 

Use the tips above to help you to build a better business in the wake of the coronavirus lockdown.