by: Brittney Schering

Now more than ever, YouTube creators can receive insight about copyright holders before publishing content in order to curb claim issues that can lead to the dreaded world of demonetization. The new system in check essentially does just that with the new tool called ‘Checks’ when uploading new content to publish on your YouTube channel.

Content in Check

Before ‘Visibility’ and following ‘Video elements’ in the YouTube video publishing process, the Checks tool tells the YouTube creator whether their video content contains any copyrighted components. Along with that valuable insight, this step will also reveal whether the content of the video is compliant with the YouTube advertising guidelines that must be met in order to get the green light for monetization.

Gone are the days of creators posting videos to hope and pray that come what may, the content is approved for monetization without any lingering, hidden copyright claims waiting to be found. The discovery phase of such issues is brought up front and center prior to publishing so that creators can now resolve these issues ahead of the game, which will work wonderfully in avoiding unexpected demonetization.

From Confusion to Clarity in Copyright Claims

For example, wondering if the seemingly copyright free classical music in your video is available for commercial use, or whether it will be flagged is a thing of the past, and you can rest assured with the help of this new check tool courtesy of YouTube.

The way the new Check works is with the help of what is called the Content ID analysis. If the Content ID within a video matches any bit of content to another rights holder that is not the creator of the video, a corresponding notice received will alert the creator of the specific portion that needs to be removed from the video in order to move forward and monetize without issues.

This new structure is set up to help curb such preventable problems of royalty free vs copyright free situations of misunderstanding that can result in an otherwise unanticipated copyright claim.

Counter Copyright Claims Sooner

What’s also new is the ability to submit a preliminary dispute of the claim prior to publishing in the event that the creator feels the flagged copyright claim is invalid for whatever reason they deem worthy of a rebuttal in order to receive ad revenue without changing the content of their video.

This is tricky as the creator can then opt to wait for the result of the dispute before choosing to publish the new content, or they can continue with publishing at the risk of inability to monetize if the copyrighted content is, in fact, found to belong to someone other than the creator of the video. The earnings of the ad revenue will be distributed according to the outcome of the dispute. 

Similarly, such unanticipated hidden-claim items as wedding video songs, for example, may not be available for commercial use unbeknownst to the creator when uploading. These are also under review for flagging in the Checks section of YouTube’s new publishing process meant to help creators avoid copyright claims in the quest for monetization of video content.

Explore Video Marketing Strategies

Now that we’ve covered content copyright claim issues and how to curb the dreaded outcome of demonetization, let’s move on to more fun, creative ways to create and execute your best video marketing strategies for success. 

The most pivotal move a brand can make in marketing is to add video into the media mix as soon as yesterday. The secret is out and abundantly clear: digital video marketing is the way to get your message to your client quicker, easier, and most successfully with analytics to prove it.

Dynamic Demands for More Video Content

Gone are the days of static advertising with dynamic new norms including the now common practices of live streaming, watching interactive videos with 360 degree views, enjoying virtually augmented reality, and so much more in the world of video. As such, the creation and distribution of online video content has erupted with investments feeding a now $135 billion industry in the United States alone.

Perhaps most notably, video content continues to birth inventive ways to renew the experience through various perspectives spanning virtual reality to aerial coverage with cinematic drones. Video content continues to reveal new and better, more innovative, integrated ways to recapture the video watching experience as we know it. 

Building the Ultimate Video Marketing Strategy

In order to create a rock solid strategy for your video content creation and publishing, a few foundational factors must first be decided. These items present the structure to your video marketing strategy – the bones to the body of your brand’s new vehicle for messaging and promotion via video.

The ultimate foundation for your video marketing strategy is made up of the established budget, timeline from point of conception to final deadline, process for production, and conversion goals.

Once you have the bones down, it’s time to get the heart beating. The heartbeat comes with the target audience specified and honed in to deliver a successfully targeted message meant to resonate with your chosen ideal customer. Creativity will then come into play to fully bring to life the expectations of the target audience, as well as the goals of the video marketing strategy.

Decorate to Deliver a Lasting Experience

So much of the success of a video marketing strategy falls into the art of storytelling. In order to decide upon which story to tell, the target audience must first be identified and understood on a deep level of knowing who your buyer is, what they like, and what will wow them. 

This is where we develop what is called the buyer’s persona. This is the description down to the fine details of preferential lifestyle choices when it comes to who your product or service is ultimately serving. The people you wish to target and sell your product to will fall into and fully encompass the description you pair with your buyer’s persona. Once you know who you are creating the video content for, the idea of which story to tell will become very clear with the goal of delivering a wow-worthy memorable experience that will convert into dollar signs.