We hear so much about cloud computing these days and that’s mostly because it is an extremely important and crucial part of modern business. However, there’s more to cloud computing services than just providing storage of course, and today we are going to discuss some of those crucial services which are changing how modern business is conducted, and that can help you boost the performance of your business operations significantly.


PaaS stands for Platform as a Service, which is a cost-effective and much simpler way for small developers to build, run, and maintain their applications on. If you have the need to develop software for your own business or for your clients, PaaS can bring down costs, the time necessary to develop the application and eliminate the complexities associated with maintaining the infrastructure of the platform on which the app is built.

Depending on the needs of the concerned business, the platform provider delivers its services via any one of the three following channels:

  1. Also known as IaaS, the servers, networks, OS, storage options, the database, and all necessary middleware is provided to the client, but the client still controls deployment of the developed application
  2. A private and unique SaaS is provided to the client behind the provider’s own firewall
  3. The provider deploys the software as well, on a publicly available infrastructure

Virtual Deal Room

Consider deal rooms to be safe, secured, and private spaces online, meant especially for deal management. A virtual deal room is ideal for protecting intellectual property and confidential client data, as it allows the owner of the documents to decide who can see which part of the document specifically. Also, none of the parties present in the deal room can access any of the folders, documents or even portions of the documents beyond what the owner has allowed them to. Safe deal rooms can be the difference between facing a million-dollar lawsuit from a client whose data you just lost, and building a reputation for your business in the market, as a company that takes cybersecurity very seriously.

Service Hub

The service hub is essentially a Software as a Service hub, which contains all the cloud-based resources and apps which a company needs to conduct its daily business better, faster, and with more productivity. There is no telling the kind of SaaS that will be included in a service hub, given that it varies widely and in accordance with the company, as well as the industry in question.Cloud computing and associated services in IT are not the future anymore, but they are by all means the present. As our internet speeds continue to become faster and more stable, the quality and the number of cloud-based services will also increase in number due to the increased scope. In the meantime, those we have mentioned are all crucial considerations to see significant boosts in work capacity, TAT, productivity, security, privacy, and reputation.