Presenting a company an industry trade show, conference or exhibition requires careful planning and preparation, especially if you will be appearing alongside competing brands. An effective way to encourage engagement with your stand and increase the likelihood that your brand will be remembered long after the event is to give away promotional products. However, if lots of companies are giving away products, how can you make yours stand out from the crowd? If you are planning to create promotional products for an upcoming trade show or exhibition, this guide features some key factors to keep in mind when branding your products. 

Be consistent

Any branding professional will tell you that branding should be consistent across your entire business. This means using the same colors, font, logos, and language on your website, social media, digital marketing activity, communications, and printed materials. Of course, it makes sense that this principle also applies to your promotional products. People should be able to recognize a product as belonging to your brand, and every time they look at it or use it in the future, they will think of your company. 

Provide the right products

The last thing people want is to leave an event with bags full of products that they are never going to use or wear, and you certainly do not want to waste your money on items that are headed straight for the trash. There is almost no limit to the types of products, which can be branded from stationery and confectionary to socks, t-shirts, bags, and mugs from The key is to choose high-quality products with an attractive and eye-catching design. 

Think about your audience

Before you choose the product or products that you will be giving out, you need to consider the audience, i.e., the people who will attend the event. If you have done your research and chosen the right event for your brand, you will have the opportunity to get your brand in front of potential customers. What types of products are they likely to appreciate and use in their everyday life? If children are at the event, branded chocolates, sweets, or simple toys could be a great way to attract families to your stand and start a conversation with the mom or dad.

Consider partnering with another brand

You may be able to maximize your exposure by partnering up with another brand with a complementary product or service (not a competitor). If you can add both company’s branding to a product, both brands’ can market the product on their stand and on social media.

Give surplus products away

When the show is finished, you may have some products left over which you will not use at future events. For example, they may have a specific date on them, or the design might be specific to a particular campaign. Rather than dispose of them or leave them to gather dust, give them away via a social media competition or newsletter to further extend your brand’s reach.