Excellent internal communication is critical to success for businesses of all sizes and in all industries, but this is an area that many companies struggle with. This is particularly true in 2020, with most people now working from home, which can make communication and working as a team challenge. Still, there is one excellent solution that all businesses need to consider – Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams is a unified communication and collaboration platform that can simplify comms between teams and overcome many of the challenges that a business faces, particularly when it comes to remote work. Read on to find the best ways to adopt Teams into your business:

1. Video Conferencing

The most obvious way to use Microsoft Teams is with video conferencing, which can be the best way to have a meeting while working from home. You can have seamless videoconference calls with small or large groups with handy features like scheduling aid, note-taking, and file uploading. Communicating effectively with entire teams can be hugely challenging with remote work, but this is not an issue with remote teams.

2. Chats

Another useful way to use Microsoft Teams is with the essential chat function, which allows you to easily chat and engage with teams, groups, and individuals. This is important when people are working remotely as it is easy to feel isolated, so a basic chat function can be used to help people stay connected and engage in non-work-related chat – you can even send GIFS and emoticons. 

3. Document Storage

Another useful feature of Microsoft Teams is document storage in SharePoint, which sees all documents shared across all conversations saved to the relevant site (there are permissions and security options that you can use too). This makes it quick and easy for teams to share, edit, and collaborate on documents without being in the same space.

4. Project Management

Following this, you can also use Teams to simplify project management so that your employees can work more efficiently and collaborate with ease. Information can be divided into separate channels (projects) so that you will only see the communication, data, and meetings which relate to that specific project, which will help to keep everything neat and organized at all times.

5. Screen Sharing

Another hurdle that remote working can bring is trying to train or explain something to a colleague. This is not an issue with Teams as you can use the screen sharing feature on online video calling so that you can easily walk a person through what you are doing.

6. Reporting

As such an essential tool for your business, you must be able to monitor and analyze the usage of Teams within the organization so that you can ensure that it is successfully implemented and being used in the best possible manner. This is possible with Microsoft Teams reporting tools, which could help to increase the productivity and efficiency of your entire team and business.

These are just a few of the main ways that you can adopt Microsoft Teams into your business, and you will find that it can make work, communication, and collaboration much easier for all.