Finding a team of experienced staff who understand your goals as well as share your vision can be tough, and keeping them motivated to perform is an absolutely crucial element to the success of your business whatever your niche might be. Taking the time to ensure your team feels fulfilled in their working environment will empower the core of your business. That said, we’re running down our 5 top tips to keep staff engaged and motivated in your business.

1. Employee training and development 

You wouldn’t expect business growth without investment, therefore, why should employee growth be any different. Looking for innovative ways to bring your staff up to speed is easy, and there are endless ways to provide opportunities for development. Suggest online courses for the shining stars in your team and set time aside each week for self-development.

2. Fresh challenges

It’s tremendously important to foster growth and encourage performance in all employees but sometimes the writings on the wall for a step forward into a brand-new challenge. While it’s always difficult to replace a key member of a thriving team, it’s important to recognize that without a challenge, strong performers will be looking for their escape plan. Anticipate this and reward those key players in your business with a step up in role and responsibility and you’ll safeguard against losing those crucial members. 

3. Keep an ear to the ground

The ability to listen to your team is paramount to enacting the correct strategy to grow your business. Without input from those at the core of your business, it’s not possible to gauge how to effectively adapt to new demands. For several reasons, employees may not always openly voice there opinion, especially so when it comes to criticizing the working environment. Fortunately, there are strategies to learn the true feelings of your employees. Inpulse provides businesses with a tailored solution in the form of employee engagement surveys, allowing business owners and managers the opportunity to keep a close eye on their teams. 

4. Room to breathe 

The environment in which employees work can have a significant impact on their overall health and wellbeing and a dissatisfied workforce breeds low productivity. Creating the optimum environment for your team to thrive needn’t be a barrier to your success. Simple solutions like quiet ‘break out’ spaces where employees can take a moment away from their screens can have a dramatic positive impact on an office environment. 

5. Balanced lifestyle

Working from home has, in recent years, become a mainstay of the working week for many and represents a shift toward providing employees with a sustainable working environment in which they feel comfortable and relaxed. Let’s face it, if you’re offering employees an enviable work-life balance then not only will your business attract the talent needed to thrive, but you’ll retain those key performers you’ve sought far and wide. These ideas should help when it comes to thinking about how to provide optimum working environments and allow your business to reap the benefits of a well-oiled team.