If you’ve decided you want to start a law firm of some sort but you haven’t yet decided which kind of cases you’re going to specialize in, you’re probably at that stage of searching for the most in-demand legal services so that you can become a provider of them. There are literally thousands of case types to choose from, ranging from facilitating lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies to helping injured workers obtain compensation from their employers. Furthermore, within each of those categories there are also sub-niches, providing an endless amount of opportunity for keyword and audience targeting. However, if you’re just trying to get started with the three main evergreen legal business models for your firm, specialize in the following three case types first:

1. Family Law and Divorce

According to last year’s census, there are approximately 83 million families and 61 million married couples in the United States. With numbers like those, and with divorce rates at an all-time high, it’s no wonder that divorce lawyers never have a shortage of work. You have an industry that consists of thousands of lawyers and firms who have to cater to those millions of cases, so the numbers are always in your favor and it’s unlikely that family law will become saturated with service providers any time soon. Charleston Law is one example of a law firm that practices family law while also handling the other two case types mentioned below. 

2. Personal Injury and Workers Compensation

There are almost 130 million employees actively working for companies in the US. Statistically, about 3.5 out of every 100 workers will eventually encounter some sort of on-the-job injury that results in a workers’ compensation claim being filed. Mathematically, that means that about 4,550,000 Americans will need workers’ compensation representation at some point in the future. As a result, there will always be more than enough cases to go around in this sector. Plus, those statistics don’t even cover the non-employee cases that take place after slip-and-falls and other customer injuries which occur in places of business due to corporate negligence. 

3. Criminal Representation

Criminal cases aren’t quite as common or as profitable as the above two case types, but they are worth specializing in nonetheless because every community sees some level of crime or criminal allegations. Of course, it’s best to focus on this case type in high crime areas, as that’s where you’ll find the most prospective clients. This option is listed last because it is the most saturated and basic form of legal representation, but it’s still undeniably part of the top 3 most popular case types. 

A Well-Rounded Firm Can Do All Three and More

If you really want to increase your firm’s popularity as quickly as possible, bringing attorneys onboard who have diverse experience in all three of the aforementioned case types would be the best course of action. Strive to offer excellent legal representation for all three of these case types and your firm will be on its way to long-term success.