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Show Notes by Production Assistant – Anna Nygren




  • The natural instinct to promote products just like everyone else is, is a NO GO
  • Don’t be a marketer that does what frustrates you as a consumer


It’s all about Presentation

  • Think counter-intuitively
    • Reach people the way that you’d want to be reached as a consumer
  • Try owning the problem instead of forcing a solution
    • Focus on creating a community and introducing the narrative to solve the problem with transparency
  • There’s also a lack of leadership in marketing due to the need to sell, sell, sell
  • Action Step:
    • Take the time to write out what didn’t work and don’t do it again!


Closing Lines

  • A shockingly low number of people like what they do, as in 8%
    • Be in the 8%
  • Check out:
    • BuzzSumo (tells you the most shared pieces of content around that topic)
    • Answerthepublic (it’ll tell you all of the questions the people ask their search engine around your subject)


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