“This job would be so great if it wasn’t for the customers.”

“Well, maybe if we ignore them, they will go away.” 


Want to know how to drive your customers away so they won’t bother you anymore? Follow these 11 tips and you’ll be rid of those pesky customers in no time.


1. Don’t answer the phone take your time returning phone calls and emails

2. Don’t offer product information or provide misinformation. Don’t acknowledge your competition. 

3. Give conflicting advice from someone else at your company.

4. Blame someone else in the company. 

5. Make your pricing complicated.

6. Make it challenging to do business with you. Bad website, complex billing, etc.

7. Spam your customers every chance you get.

8. Make your customer wait.

9. Make it difficult to do business with your company. 

10. Ignore the feedback the customer provides. What do they know anyway? 

11. Hire the wrong people for the job.


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