Billee Howard believes that culture and commerce are colliding in ways we’ve never seen before, and we agree. Here more on The Nice Guys today.


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Here are some of the things you’ll hear from Billee on the podcast today:


– It’s a new era of engagement. It’s not enough to just sell anymore, you have to engage your consumer.


– Use storytelling to connect with your potential customers.


– Create a level of immersion with your brand.


– Her company Brandthropology does everything from brand positioning, content creation and production, to SEO and Web design.


– How can a company stand up and be noticed when there are literally a thousand others just like them?


-The world is so small today, how is it possible that to take the little guy and put him or her on the main stage?


– What mistakes do you see being made by organizations today in trying to get there message out to the world.



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We-Commerce: How to create, collaborate and succeed in a sharing economy.


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