McKeel Hagerty, the CEO of Hagerty – an automotive enthusiast brand offering a specialty automotive insurance platform built upon a membership organization for car lovers — and his mission to save driving. Following joining the New York Stock Exchange in December with a valuation of $3B+, Hagerty’s plans for growth are grounded in preserving car culture and community for future generations to come. McKeel shares how he plans to keep car culture alive and — alongside the developments of EVs — why saving human driving is so important. 

While insurance drives the revenue (2 million vehicles), Hagerty is a bonafide entertainment and media brand, with one of the most widely read automotive magazines (Hagerty Drivers Club) and an online site. Over the past decade, Hagerty has invested heavily in creating original content on their YouTube channel and social media, essentially making its digital platforms an entertaining yet helpful resource for all aspects of the car lover lifestyle. Following acquisitions of the Greenwich Concours, Amelia Island Concours, Concours of America, and the California Mille, Hagerty dominates the automotive event scene, and McKeel places a significant value on these events because they build up the car community. 

While EVs continue to advance, McKeel firmly believes there is a place for both electric and classic cars on the road – after all, Hagerty’s purpose is not to save the commute. And the data suggests many others feel the same. According to Hagerty’s proprietary data, there are more than 500 million people around the globe who express an interest in cars and approximately 69 million in the United States alone who declare themselves automotive enthusiasts. 

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