Hey it’s Strickland. Yes, I’m writing my own show notes for this one because it’s a doozy. Doug and I start talking about masks early on and well…It sort of goes off on a bunch of bad tangents from there. This was supposed to be the Friday fuckery episode yesterday, but it was too much, too angry, too serious, too whatever for yesterday so I’m posting it today as a bonus ep instead.

You know how Doug and I are usually begging for your feedback on anything we say or do because deep down we’re insecure and need the validation of people we don’t even know? That’s not the case today. I’m not going to delete any posts on the FB group about this, but seriously, we have enough hate and division in the world right now, and I’m worried that any comments attacking or defending Doug’s or my position will just turn into more hate and division, so seriously, let’s leave this out there, not comment on it, and never speak of it again. The same goes for the voice mails (I’m talking to you Jared), if you want to leave a message just to say how entertaining or disturbing it was to hear Doug and I go at it that’s fine, but please don’t leave a message about agreeing or disagreeing with wearing a mask, vaccinations, big pharma, government control, or anything like that because I don’t want to stir that pot again. Thank you for your consideration.

P.S.- I’ll let you decide who’s mom and who’s dad from the title.


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