What the actual fuck!!! Strickland sends me the episode at [11:43] PM on Thursday night and says “Hey, sorry it’s so long but there are a couple of places that need time points” so I’m like “Oh sure, I don’t need to actually SLEEP or anything, it’s not like I have a regular day job or anything, the paltry sum you pay me for doing these show notes MORE than pays my rent, electric, gas, water, car payment…Yea, whatever.


Anyway, I think I hear something about [0:00]-[12:00] being all woo and shit, [13:00]-[25:00] minutes being actual business advice (What the actual fuck, these bozos still give business advice?), and then….Aw fuck, who knows, it’s too late for me to listen to the rest. Strickland starts going off about some woman he’s dating and Doug just wants to hear about the dating apps since he’s never been single long enough to actually get on one (at least not since the internet was invented…Or TV probably, lol. Don’t tell him I said that.) 87 Goddamn minutes??? What. The Actual. FUCK. Do they talk about for that long??? Anyway, they don’t pay me enough to listen to the rest of this, and they’ve already told me I can say whatever the fuck I want on these show notes (unlike every other show Turnkey produces) so I’m gonna take advantage of that now….and go to bed. Oh crap, I still need to post this? Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck, when will it end?


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