Dinosaurs   S4E12   Life in the Faust Line

The WeSaySo company made everything! This is my favorite episode- “Life in the Faust Lane.” Earl is watching late night TV and an infomercial comes on telling him that a mug can give him a better life. Sound familiar? So he calls to buy the mug but he doesn’t have enough money so he says “I’d sell my soul for one of those mugs!” and who shows up? That’s right, the “dinosaur devil” to make a deal. How does Earl greet him? “Hey you’re the guy on the can of deviled ham!” to which he relies “Oh not for long, I’m suing those guys for copyright infringement.” Wait, this is a kid’s show, right? Yea, just like the Muppets was a kid’s show. So the devil gives him a contract to sign his soul over in exchange for the mug, and he says “This looks pretty intimidating, maybe I should have a lawyer look it over” to which the devil replies “I’m the KING of lawyers, just SIGN IT!” When he leaves, Earl says “Wait, where’s my mug! Geez, if you can’t trust the Lord of all Darkness, who can you trust?”

This is all in the first 5 minutes. I highly recommend you watch it, very underrated. This ep already includes more notes that I have written over the last 6 months, so I’m wrapping this up now since I know you’re not reading it anyway. If you do happen to be reading this still, I’ll give you two more Easter eggs for your trouble. I just stumbled onto this on YouTube and it’s pretty brilliant.

 Stairway To Gilligan’s Island – Led Zeppelin – Classic TV theme

The other? Listen to the end of the episode, Strick’s got a pretty good Easter egg. You can thank me later.

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