To be fair, they are not actually saving you from Covid, they are only saving you from hearing a long, heated, sometimes angry, always opinionated discussion on Covid. They did that for an hour before they recorded this episode, and they decided to publish that discussion as a bonus tomorrow, so if you are tired of hearing republicans and democrats fight about the pandemic, skip the bonus tomorrow and appreciate the lack of mask-talk today.

Now check you all out- The Funk’N Fans come through and get 3 people to leave messages, so now I have to write “real show notes.” Jared was a given, Jennie Bellinger was only calling to tell the guys something they didn’t know (I love it when she does that), and Tim Hill actually read the show notes and was calling in because of that. The other 3 were Doug, JJ, and Michael Neely, and Michael only called because he was with Doug and JJ? Yea, that seems like a bit of a cheat, but whatever, I’m getting paid by the hour anyway.

But wouldn’t it be great if someone new called in? Someone the guys have never heard from like, EVER. I mean, they say they get 2000+ downloads every episode (most podcasters lie worse than fishermen, but I post the shows so I see their download numbers and they’re actually legit) so why can’t just 1 new person call in? We always love hearing from Jared, Tim, Jennie Bellinger, occasionally Sean Carpenter, Marcel, and 1-2 others from the distant past, but what if someone they’ve never heard from called in. It’s not that hard, just call 4242 DJ DOUG and say hi. Or screw you, or plug your business, or plug someone else’s business, these dodos will never listen before the actual show anyway, that would mean prep! Look, I know you all have nothing else to do right now, everyone is stuck inside with Covid, so just make a phone call, how much could it hurt? Hell, if you’re looking for work just drop that in, maybe you can get a gig! Stranger things have happened.

Is this enough, am I done yet? Shit, I feel like I’m back in school again writing a 700 word essay and I’m stretching to meet the minimum so I can get a decent grade.


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