So I’m listening to today’s show and they want me to write actual show notes AGAIN? 2 weeks in a row? Fuck that, you all (hell “both of you”) listeners didn’t even appreciate last week’s notes as much as Doug did. OK the guys mention a couple of links and I’m a big Muppets fan so I’ll post those here, and for JJ’s episode that Strickland will probably never listen to but no real show notes. I’ll make you a deal, if 3 or more people call in this week to leave a message for these assholes, I’ll do real show notes again next week, deal? Now you know Jared is gonna call, so that’s kind of a freebie, a sort of “Free space” in the center of the bingo board, so you need to call 4242 DJ-DOUG  (country code 1, because you know ‘MURICA FIRST!!!) and you need to get 1 friend to call, that’s it. Not too hard, just dial and hand the phone to your bartender and tell him to ramble something…Oh yea, the bars are all closed, strike that. Shit, no one’s reading this anyway, it will never happen, what am I worried about.

Spirit, Purpose & Energy Ep. 252: The Biology of Belief with Dr. Bruce Lipton

 The Muppet Show – Animal Vs Buddy Rich Drum Battle.

Dave Grohl and Animal Drum Battle – The Muppets


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