You know how I’m usually too lazy to write notes because nobody reads them? Well, fair warning for this ep, you may want to read these so you can skip the parts you don’t want to listen to because D&S get kinda salty today. Here’s the rundown:


[0:20]- Intro from Jared (you can’t skip that)

[2:20]- Strick drops a bomb that some of you may have picked up on if you’ve been paying attention (which we know most of you haven’t)

[5:20]-[5:46]- “Voicemail from Jared” song (love it, hate it, skip it if you want)

[6:00] Doug accidentally sees something he can’t unsee- Strick’s Bumble profile

[6:20]-[24:00]- Doug and Strick talk about the women on his Bumble profile (names have been changed to protect the innocent)

[24:15]- Doug doesn’t know how to break up with women

[30:35]- They actually get to the voicemail from Jared

[32:20]- Doug can’t figure out why people would not complete a credit card charge

[36:40]- Doug asks if Strick has any final thoughts…


[36:50]- Here’s where the shit really hits the fan. If you have very strong feelings one way or another about wearing a mask, you may want to just stop listening here because you may be triggered. I don’t think Strickland understood the shit storm he was starting up with his “casual comment” of “Be safe and wear a mask”, but as you can see, the episode goes on for another 20 minutes past here and yes, they do talk about nothing but wearing/not wearing a mask, and yes, it does get very spirited. That’s a polite way of saying that it sounds like they hit on a subject that they actually, truly, seriously disagree on. This discussion could rival the National Parks episode from 2017, but I’ll let you decide if they’re poking fun at each other, or actually going at each other. I know which I think it is, but I’m not saying anything because I like my job…


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