Yes, this episode is actually fairly entertaining, so if you don’t usually listen to the Friday episodes, give this one a try. Well, unless you’re looking for really good business advice, because God knows there is absolutely NONE of that on this episode. But seriously, if that’s what you want, maybe try loosening up a bit and try it out. I mean, there are hundreds of business advice interview shows out there where they are interviewing the same people you hear on here (they’re not asking the same amazing questions that Doug is asking, of course, everyone knows he is the best, but you can still hear the talking heads talk) but this is the ONLY channel and day you’ll hear Doug fucking around, drinking Fireball (not an endorsement…But it could be) and shooting the shit with his best friend Strickland. This is good shit and it’s real. And if you don’t believe Strickland isn’t the Rock&Roll Doctor when it comes to music trivia, try him out. Call 4242 DJDOUG (country code 1) and leave a music trivia question and see if Strickland can answer it. Sure, he could listen ahead of time and Google the answer, but that would require work, and you KNOW neither Doug nor Strick are going to do that, so give it a shot. I think Strickland will impress you. Or terrify you, depending on your perspective. One of these for sure. I don’t know why I’m even taking the time to write this because NOBODY reads the show notes. NO-BOD-EEEEEEEEE. Oh yea, it’s because Doug and Strick are paying me. Whatever, fuck that. If you’ve read this far, prove me wrong- Call 4242 DJ DOUG and leave a message saying “I read the show notes all the way through, show me the money fuckers!” OK, there’s no money, but I do have some NGF Fuckery pins left and if you leave your address maybe we’ll send you one. Or you can just post it on the Nice Guys Facebook page. Either way works, I don’t think anyone will actually do it. Hell, I’d be happy even if Tim Hill did it (Don’t take that the wrong way Tim, we love you brother, it would just be really nice if ANYONE ELSE were paying any attention at all.) 


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