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1093 D&S: WWJD- What Would Jared Do?

You're looking for show notes? I wrote enough last week to cover me for the next 6 months, so don't expect a lot. These guys don't pay me enough to think.      Nice Sponsors: Get your free E-Book 5 Ways to Make Money Podcasting at Check out the "Entrepreneur’s Toolkit" Giveaway   Simplecast is the easiest way to set up your podcast hosting-  ...

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At first listen, it may not sound like they are talking business, but there is no denying the Nice Guys (Doug Sandler and Strickland Bonner) know their audience. If you are an entrepreneur and tired of hearing the same old rah rah static babble on all the other business podcasts out there, it’s time for a breath of fresh air.

Listen in, subscribe, or join the Nice Guy Community and become a Funk’nFan of the show. Relationships, honesty, trust and integrity build business today and that’s what the Nice Guys are all about. Top industry experts interviewed, behind the scenes. Sometimes raw, sometimes explicit, always fun and informative. Looking for canned questions, short format and conversations in a box….this podcast ain’t for you.

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D&S Bonus- Mom and Dad are Fighting Again!

Hey it's Strickland. Yes, I'm writing my own show notes for this one because it's a doozy. Doug and I start talking about masks early on and well…It sort of goes off on a bunch of bad tangents from there. This was supposed to be the Friday fuckery episode yesterday,...

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1090 D&S Save You From Covid

To be fair, they are not actually saving you from Covid, they are only saving you from hearing a long, heated, sometimes angry, always opinionated discussion on Covid. They did that for an hour before they recorded this episode, and they decided to publish that...

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Nice Guys Buzz

  • I love this show
    by nalex_6053 from United States

    Amazing guests, humble and so successful at the same time. Great picks by the hosts! Can’t get enough of this show 🙂

  • INsightful and ENtertaining!
    by Thomas0007 from Canada

    You guys are pros... entertaining, educational, heart-centred in all things business and life. Your podcast is great!! Thank you for setting a standard in how to do it amidst the podcast ocean: as listeners we learn.. and have fun doing it!!

  • Skilled interviewer
    by Wendy SJ from United States

    Doug does a great job or making space for his guests to shine and express themselves. He is understated and that really works with the nice guy premise. I appreciate the opportunity on this episode to hear from a person of color working in a field that is different from mine, but with takeaways that can help my business too.

  • Engaging & easy to listen to
    by Hpearce9 from United States

    I have so enjoyed listening to Doug and Strickland and getting to know them better through their podcast. I especially enjoy the conversations between them as co-hosts although they are also skillful interviewers of their numerous guests. They have super fun banter and cover a wide variety of topics related to business, with ease. I highly recommend their show!

  • Really good show
    by Chelsb111111 from United States

    I appreciate Doug’s approach and the no-nonsense way he addresses important business and life topics.

  • Fun and educational
    by Tennessee Tim from United States

    I look forward every day to the laughs and biz insights. Strickland and Doug are as real as it gets. Keep up the good work. It is like you are in the room with them!

  • Interview with Joe Dickerson: Your Financial Forensic Authority
    by ER HeadNurse Manager from United States

    Loved the fun exchange between Doug Sandler and Joe Dickerson of the do’s and don’t for life insurance policies and the tricky questions that can lead anybody down a rabbit hole. Just the whole discussion on the man card is worth listening to this episode. Then the insight Joe gives for the nit and grit of getting to the bottomline is a define insight. Fun, Witty and Informative Podcast. TeresaBarnesRN

  • Excellent
    by HelloandNo from United States

    Love this show. Always keeps me interested and always look forward to new episodes. Can’t recommend it enough. -Tabby from Your New Best Friends podcast

  • Awesome Podcast!!!
    by Clarisse Gomez from United States

    Doug, host of the Nice Guys on Business podcast, highlights all aspects of business, entrepreneurship and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!

  • Kind, thought provoking and wonderful guests!
    by Michael Diettrich-Chastain from United States

    The Nice Guys on Business offers a great blend of intelligence, humor and actionable resource! Doug is a host that shows genuine interest and curiosity in his guests. The interviews are diverse and offer important tools fo success in business and life!