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  • We become so productive at the wrong things, so we get too narrowly focused on cutting out the things that really matter to us
  • Be proactive
  • Your number one app is your mind

The Human Element

  • `A high achiever is never truly satisfied which is not always a bad thing
    • There is a high standard that they must live up to
  • Do not discount advice if you have not even tried it
  • The reality of life is that we are in control of our own behavior
  • Those that share the struggles in their life, opens a door to endless human connection
  • We all gravitate to our comfort zone
  • There is a fad that getting up at 5 am is the key to success… but it is not
    • It is about implementing so that you focus on things that matter
    • Create structure to have more freedom
  • Life is really all about people and experiences

Action Steps

  • Sit down by yourself for 15 minutes and work on solving the biggest problem in your life or taking advantage of an opportunity that you have.
    • Do that 6 times a week.
  • Find a professional accountability partner
    • People who will set the bar high for you
    • They will make you feel uncomfortable but do that because they love you



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